About us

The National Theatre Box Office

The National Theatre Box Office is a national reservation and booking office. For the last twenty years it has focused on ticket sale for theatre.

The National Theatre Box Office is a specialist in all aspects of ticket sales. The well-known box office provides the public with the opportunity to secure phone and online reservations of a wide range of tickets for the right price.

The department ‘Theatre Service’ is responsible for de NTK theatres and producers. The PR department takes care of the post and emails to improve the sale of performances and events. The NTK also facilitates and provides the complete ticket sale including the website for a few leading theatres.

The NTK also organises the main sale of the big (room) events. During these events in locations such as Ahoy or the Rai, the National Theatre Box Office takes the responsibility of the event management.

The National Theatre Box Office is open seven days a week by telephone 0900-9203 (0,45 cent pm – Monday to Friday from 09.00am to 09.00pm and Saturday/Sunday 10.00am to 08.00pm) or via